Our Approach

Most local business ignore the issue of using the internet to attract local customers because either they do not understand the potential, think it’s too costly to implement, or it takes too much time to do. BJC Marketing Group has provided this site which is full of tips and tricks that you can use to develop, design, implement, and improve your local internet marketing or social media strategy at virtually little to no cost. However, if you need an expert to handle it for you, we will be glad to do so.

You’d better act soon, or your competition will!


These guys put together an SEM [Search Engine Marketing], an SMM [Social Media Management], and an email marketing campaign that is growing our customer by leaps and bounds.

- Mark Kidou

"I never felt like I was being sold.” He never sold me on anything. He listened to our needs and created solutions for those needs. I look forward to working with Brian again.

- M. Smith

I spent thousands of dollars on website design and monthly hosting fees with virtually no benefit to my business. BJC Marketing developed a strategy that made my online investment worthwhile.

- Selma Tansy, Owner, OWL Media

After reading, “How to Use the Internet to Dominate Your Local Market…,” I used the techniques in this book to get my business found on the internet with little out of pocket cost

- Billy Jack

I read Brian’s book, “How to Use the Internet to Dominate Your Local Market,” and learned a lot. Brian showed me a plan and tools that I could use to do this for a very low cost. My marketing ROI is exploding.

- Christopher Anthony